"Custom engraving on brand name knives, lighters and accessories will transform a special gift into a cherished keepsake"

Zippo Lighters

Custom Zippo Lighters for sale. Quality personalized lighters.

Where to buy lighters from Zippo? Look no further! We offer EXCLUSIVE and unique Zippo lighters online.

Zippo lighters are among the most famous lighters in the world. When you hear the name Zippo, you know it is a quality lighter. Zippo is known for their custom Zippo lighter designs. We offer over 250 exclusive and unique designs. We also have Zippo accessories. Buy lighters for all your friends and family.

We are one of the largest Zippo distributors in the country offering over 900 models of Zippo lighters for sale. We offer exclusive licensed Zippo lighters like Farmall, Case Knives, Playboy, Ford, and many more lighters to choose from. We have designs that you cannot get from anywhere else.

Please note that we cannot ship Zippo lighters outside of the United States.


We are proud to offer the exclusively licensed collection of Blaylock Zippo Lighters found in the Blaylock section. They are stunning!

Check out Linda Pickens our exclusive licensed artist as well as Neal Taylor who is our newest exclusively licensed artist.

What better gift to give someone than the gift of personalization! Make a simple lighter unique with a custom engraving. We specialize in engraved Zippo lighters with fast turnaround time. Our state of the art engraving equipment makes our lighters the most innovative online. Custom engraved Zippo lighters are the perfect engraving gift for any loved ones.


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     New for 2024

     Zippo Butane Torch Inserts

     2nd Amendment

     540 Degree Color

     540 Fusion

     After Hours

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     Cards, Gambling & Vegas

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     Farmall & IH

     Fire & Flames

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     Fishing & Hunting

     Flag Series

     Flasks & Gift Sets

     Floral Designs


     Glow in the Dark

     Graffiti / Street Art

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     Illusions & Reflections


     Linda Picken's Wildlife

     Love, Luck & Peace

     Mazzi Collection

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     Pot - Marijuana

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     Sayings & Quotes

     Scrolled & Venetian

     Skulls, Spiders and Zombies

     Slim Lighters

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     Woodchuck - Buy One, Plant One

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     New for 2023