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Mammoth Tooth Queen Trapper-Blue
Mammoth Tooth Queen Trapper-Blue
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Manufacturer Part #: 19Mammoth Blue
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Woolly Mammoth Tooth Premium Trapper

• Woolly Mammoth Tooth Handles-Blue-On both sides of the Trapper
• Knifexx Exclusive
• Clip and Spey Blades
• D2 Tool Steel expertly tempered
• 4.125" closed
• Pattern: 19EX
• Stainless Steel Pins and Backsprings
• Nickel Silver Bolsters
• Brass Liners
• Engravable

Note: The photo of the knife outside of the box is the actual photo of the knife.

You don’t have to wait for scientists to bring these giant mammals back to life! Own a real mammoth tooth! Wooly Mammoths were huge elephant-like animals with long noses and curving tusks. They were cold climate animals and were covered with a coat of long shaggy hair. They roamed in herds across the cold grasslands eating coarse grasses and low shrubs, and used their tusks to scrape away snow and ice from low vegetation. Mammoths had their start in the Pleistocene Age (around 2 million years ago) and became extinct at the end of the last ice age, about 12,000 years ago. Remains of Mammoths have been found amazingly preserved in ice.

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Name on 2nd Blade

Engrave Message on 2nd Blade-Block [Add $8.95]

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Engrave on Blade
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Engrave on Blade-Block Letters [Add $8.95]

Engrave on Blade-Script Letters [Add $8.95]

Engraving on Bolster
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Message to be Engraved on 2nd blade
Message to be Engraved on 2nd blade

Name to be engraved on blade
Name to be engraved on blade

Initials on Bolster
Initials on Bolster

Base Price: $299.95
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  • Message to be Engraved on 2nd blade
  • Name to be engraved on blade
  • Initials on Bolster